The foundation of decentralized cooperation Oriental crowned by the “Declaration of Oujda”

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Oujda Portail: Oujda 21 February 2011, The work of the first conference on decentralized cooperation Oriental region, held on 17 and 18 February in Oujda, culminated in a final declaration (Declaration of Oujda) announcing the launch of an initiative to create an association of African regions.

Presidents and representatives of the African regions present at this meeting and agreed to charge a commission, headed by the President of the Oriental region, Ali Belhaj, to prepare “a draft constitution, a schedule implementation and the necessary legal instruments. ”

They also decided to contact all parts of Africa to join this initiative with a commitment to link decentralized cooperation between their regions through South-South and multilateral cooperation.

The foundation of decentralized cooperation Oriental crowned by the "Declaration of Oujda"
The foundation of decentralized cooperation Oriental crowned by the "Declaration of Oujda"

They have also expressed their willingness to establish forums for dialogue, exchange and discussion to encourage the decentralization process, saying that “despite efforts by public policy imbalances and territorial inequalities, social and Economic persist and grow, both globally and locally. ”

“Decentralization strengthens democracy, contributes to the fight against poverty and inequality, ensures access to essential services, safeguarding the environment and implements economic development socially and environmentally responsible,” reads the statement Oujda.

Naming it “successful” the first conference, the presidents and representatives of the African regions have expressed their conviction of the need to “build and promote active citizenship by individual actors in public policy and global solidarity.”

The first edition of this conference, initiated by the board of the Oriental region, brought together participants from several countries in Africa and Europe (Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland and Belgium), in addition to representatives of UNDP and the eastern region of the Kingdom.

The work was marked in particular by presenting the development strategy of the Oriental region and the discussions and reflections on “gains and achievements of cooperation with the Oriental” and “prospects of cooperation: new co-operatives, multi-partner “.

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