Pick up foreign languages,unlock and view full world colors

بكل اللغات
M.Amine Belbachir18 أغسطس 2009آخر تحديث : منذ 12 سنة
Pick up foreign languages,unlock and view full world colors
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Nowaday,The Love of Learning Language Transcends All Ages and specialy youths which drive them crazy aiming of being linguists or even make it their career.
Learning a foreign language isn’t merely about ordering a meal in aforeign country. It’s about perspective. Every language is a lens. If you were born wearing pink glasses and could never take them off or exchange them for another shade, you would assume the world is pink without even being  aware of pinkness as a quality pink as compared to what? In the sameway, if you know only one language, it’s hard to be aware that you are looking through a lens: You think you are simply seeing the world as it is.Fluency in a second tongue gives you a chance to see through a different lens. That can help you realize that some part of what you are seeing isn’t the world, but the lens even when you go back to your original language.
Moreover, the question really is whether the differences between the ways a boys’ brain and a girls’ brain are organized for language learning amount to a boys impairment or simply a different way of learning. in fact, some youths can take up a new language even those considered extremely difficult, such as Arabic or Japanese and become proficient enough to achieve what they aimed for,of caurse if they work at it hard.

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