Oujda : HM the King enquires about progress of Oujda urban upgrading projects

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Oujda – HM King Mohammed VI enquired, on Tuesday in Oujda, about the progress of several projects related to the urban upgrading program in the eastern city of Oujda worth over 3 billion dirhams ($351.2 mln).

The sovereign was given details on the progress of projects scheduled for 2010, worth 514 million dirhams, and for the 2006-2009 period for an amount of 2.5 billion dirhams, and inaugurated the Oujda “Ziri Ibn Attiya” square which was revamped for an amount of 19 million dirhams.

These projects show HM the King’s concern to promote access to housing and secure decent living conditions for Moroccans through the reinforcement of basic infrastructures.

On this occasion, the Monarch followed explanations on the 2010 projects, which encompass five areas, namely improving infrastructure, developing cultural and sports equipments, improving housing conditions, renovating the old medina and urban upgrading.

Enhancing infrastructure comprises creating five green areas, improving the road network and expanding electricity, drinking water and sanitation networks, while the development of cultural and sports equipments includes building a municipal theatre and three sports centres.

As for the amelioration of housing conditions, it touches on the implementation of a new phase of the low-cost housing program and the comprehensive plan for the urban, economic and social integration of 22 under-developed neighbourhoods in Oujda.

The old medina’s renovation concerns revamping the Bab Sidi Abdelwahab square, mainly building 519 shops. The first phase of the March 3 Square’s residential complex will be carried out as part of the city’s upgrading.

HM the King also followed explanations on projects scheduled for the 2006-2009 period and whose implementation rate reached up to 75% and 100%. The projects are destined to improve infrastructures and housing conditions, protect the environment, develop cultural and sports equipments and revamp the old medina.

The sovereign inaugurated the Ziri Ibn Attiya square, stretching over 8,000 m² and refurbished for 19 million dirhams.

The square’s renovation works, which spanned over 12 months, included extending the art gallery and building an outdoor theatre, terraces, fountains and green areas. Oujda محمد السادس MAP

HM the King Mohammed 6 enquires about progress of Oujda urban upgrading projects
HM the King Mohammed 6 enquires about progress of Oujda urban upgrading projects

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