Morocco seeks best ways to penetrate British agriculture market

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Morocco seeks best ways to penetrate British agriculture market
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London – Through a bright participation in the World Fruit and Vegetable Show of London, which kicked off Wednesday, Morocco is aiming to identify best ways to penetrate European and British agriculture market.The north African country has devised an efficient participation strategy that rests on presenting an innovative product, a traditional product and an original product, as part of a cohesive and properly drafted programme, said Saad Benabdallah, managing director of Maroc Export, which organises Morocco’s participation in the Show.

The participation of Morocco in the WFV Show, organised in cooperation with the country’s embassy in London, is aimed first to prepare the suitable conditions for hoisting agriculture trade exchanges between the two countries.

Morocco is seeing big export opportunities in the British fruit and vegetable market, estimated at 7.5 billion Pounds (12.6 billion dollars), as the United Kingdom imports 90% of its fruit needs and 70% of some vegetables.

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Aziz Akhennouch, who was speaking at a forum on the sidelines of the show, said Morocco is willing to position itself front and center in the international market.

He underlined the Plan Maroc Vert (Morocco green plan), devised to erect agriculture as a driving force for growth and for the fight against poverty. The plan is aimed to increase the high value-added of the sector, and to develop social investments to fight farmer poverty.

Agriculture represents today 19% of the north African country’s GDP.

Akhennouch said the United Kingdom represents a “very important” market that offers large opportunities for Moroccan products, highlighting the opportunities offered in the field of agriculture in Morocco for British investors.

For her part, Moroccan ambassador in London, Chrifa Lalla Joumala Alaoui said the WFV Show offers the “best opportunity” for Moroccan businessmen to establish direct contacts with their British peers.

She also praised the continuing development of relations between the two countries in recent years, noting that Morocco-British partnership lies on solid foundations, and has all it takes to grow stronger.

Bilateral trade exchanges grew in the last decade threefold to exceed one billion Pounds in 2008. Last year, Britain ranked 7th among the clients of Morocco. MAP

Morocco seeks best ways to penetrate British agriculture market
Morocco seeks best ways to penetrate British agriculture market

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