Morocco ‘ahead of rest’ in MENA region in water management, OBG

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London – The London-based Oxford Business Group (OBG) highlighted Morocco’s efforts to secure future water supplies, saying the country is “ahead of the rest” in the MENA region in water management.

“Over the past decade, the country has made long strides towards more efficient water usage in its agricultural sector and increased provision of drinking water and sanitation services to the rural poor,” OBG underlined in a study.

The study shows that in the arid MENA region which faces challenges due to climate change and demographic pressure, Morocco stands among the few countries to “have begun the task of aggressively securing future water supplies”.

The Group quoted the World Bank as saying in March that Morocco is “on track to exceed the targets for water and sanitation services contained in the Millennium Development Goals.”

The same source added that the Kingdom increased “its urban, peri-urban, and rural water supply and sanitation infrastructure programmes spending from 5% to 25% of total water expenditure between 2005 and 2009.”

The result of such policies was mirrored by the increase of access to potable water from 50% in 5004 to 87% in 2009, the same source said, noting that the National Office of Potable Water (Office National de l’Eau Potable, ONEP) has “set aside €260m for increasing treatment capacity between 2008 and 2010″.

“Morocco has invested heavily in dams, water supply capacity and large-scale irrigation systems to secure water for urban and agricultural demands,” the Group quoted the WB.

“The success of Morocco’s water programmes to date places it ahead of the pack in terms of resource security, and should serve as a regional model as nations begin to feel the heat,” The OBG stressed.MAP

Morocco 'ahead of rest' in MENA region in water management, OBG
Morocco 'ahead of rest' in MENA region in water management, OBG

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