HM the King Mohammed VI chairs Ministers’ Council

وجدة البوابة18 أكتوبر 2010آخر تحديث : منذ 11 سنة
HM the King Mohammed VI chairs Ministers’ Council
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Rabat – HM King Mohammed VI, chaired, on Saturday at the Royal Palace of Rabat, the Council of Ministers, during which the 2011 appropriation bill was examined and adopted along with several draft laws, decrees and international agreements.

At the onset of the Council, Economy and Finance Minister presented the broad lines of the appropriation bill and the national and international context in which it was drafted, underlining that the government continues to implement the High Royal directives regarding the fundamental choices which proved their pertinence in preserving financial stability and protecting the national economy.

The Minister went on to say that the current appropriation bill aims to preserve the macro-economic balances, protect Morocco’s financial and economic achievements, contribute to the success of structural reforms and promote the Kingdom’s competitiveness and attractiveness in the after-crisis world.

The draft law is also meant to promote the Moroccan development model, outlined by HM the King in the Speech of the Throne, through boosting public investments and mobilizing the required financial resources to bolster sectoral strategies.

The draft also seeks to improve the business climate, mobilize savings, promote small and medium enterprises, integrate persons working in the informal sector in the organised economic fabric, reinforce solidarity and promote human development, employment, social housing, assistance for the underpriviliged categories, and boost development in the rural areas.

Following the adoption of the appropriation bill, the Ministers’ Council approved the draft law relating to the status of “Casablanca Finance City”, which was set up upon high Royal instructions.

The project aims at reinforcing the economic capacities of Casablanca with a view of making of it a key regional and international financial hub and promoting the kingdom’s attractiveness in terms of investments and competitiveness.

To reinforce free zones and promote enterprises, the Council approved several texts on the setting up of two free zones for exports in Kenitra and Nouaceur, the review of the legal framework governing companies and the creation of a national committee for business climate, adds the release.

HM the King also approved two decree drafts aiming to reorganize the administrative boundaries in the Kingdom in order to reinforce development at the local and regional levels, improve territorial administration, and promote good governance.

HM the King Mohammed VI chairs Ministers' Council
HM the King Mohammed VI chairs Ministers' Council

In accordance with the Royal willingness to develop efficient means of familial solidarity and social cohesion, and make sure the provisions of the family code are implemented optimally, the council adopted a draft law laying down the terms and conditions of benefiting from family assistance funds.

HM the King approved, during the Council, several legal texts and regulations, in addition to a number of international, bilateral and multilateral agreements.

HM the King Mohammed VI chairs Ministers' Council
HM the King Mohammed VI chairs Ministers' Council

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