HM the King Enquires in Jerada about INDH Projects

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Guenfouda – HM King Mohammed VI enquired, on Wednesday in the rural commune of Guenfouda (the eastern province of Jerada), about the projects scheduled for the period 2005-2010, worth 110 million dirhams ($12mln), as part of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH).
The Sovereign was also given details on the 262 socio-economic projects carried out over 2005-2009 for a total cost of some 98.5 million dirhams, benefiting 102,586 people in the province of Jerada.

HM the King Enquires in Jerada about INDH Projects
HM the King Enquires in Jerada about INDH Projects

These projects aim to fight poverty in rural areas notably through promoting revenue-generating activities, improving access to basic services, boosting people’s participation in socio-cultural and sports activities, and reinforcing good governance at the local level, in addition to setting up and upgrading host centers.

HM the King was also briefed on 33 projects scheduled for 2010 to be completed for a total cost of about 11 million dirhams within the framework of Morocco’s large-scale anti-poverty programme INDH.

On the same occasion, HM the King inaugurated a mixed students’ residence worth 2.15 million dirhams designed to reduce girls’ school drop-out in rural areas.

The new facility includes two dormitories, a reading hall, a refectory, a Kitchen, a changing room and an administrative building.

The Monarch also offered 1.1 million-dirham equipment for associations carrying out revenue-generating activities in the region. This equipment relates to computing, apiculture, cake making and construction.

The Sovereign also visited an exhibition featuring the products of local cooperatives which have benefited from the National Initiative for Human Development.MAP

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