H.M. the king to create advisory body to open up the judiciary

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H.M. the king to create advisory body to open up the judiciary
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Tetuan – H.M. King Mohammed VI said Thursday evening that he intends to create a “standing, diversified highly representative advisory body that will enable the judiciary to open up to the surrounding environment.”
H.M. the king to create advisory body to open up the judiciary
H.M. the king to create advisory body to open up the judiciary
In a nationwide speech on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, the sovereign said this platform will serve as an “institutional forum for reflection and expertise-sharing on matters relating to justice, without encroaching on the powers of constitutional institutions and public authorities or on the independence of the judiciary.”
“The judiciary is not only an essential prerequisite to ensure citizens are equal before the law, but it is also a mainstay of justice and of social stability. In fact, the legitimacy of the state itself and the inviolability of its institutions derive their strength from the power of justice, which is the cornerstone of governance systems,” said the monarch.
The monarch decided that “strong impetus” should be given to the reform of justice. This reform will be based on a “roadmap with a clear frame of reference, ambitious objectives, specific priorities and effective implementation steps,” he said.
H.M. the king added that the outstanding elements in this frame of reference are “the immutable values of the nation, mainly the notion that justice is part and parcel of the duties lying with the Imarat Al Muminin (Commandership of the Faithful), and that it is the Monarch who is responsible for upholding the independence of the judiciary.”
In this respect, H.M. the King called for taking into account the relevant national proposals, recommendations, and the constructive conclusions included in the document drafted by the Ministry of Justice, following the broad-based consultations initiated by the ministry. “The international commitments of the Kingdom must also be kept in mind,” he insisted.
The reform is aimed to make justice “more trustworthy, credible, effective and equitable, because it serves as a strong shield to protect the rule of law.
“It is a pillar of judicial security and good governance, and acts as a booster for development,” the sovereign said, adding: “We also want to make sure justice keeps up with the domestic and international changes underway, and meets the standards of justice as it should be in the 21st century.”
To achieve these major objectives, H.M. the King called on the government to develop a “comprehensive, integrated plan, in accordance with a well-defined agenda that reflects the strategic depth of the reform.”

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