FIFOG 2016: Ceremony and awards presentation

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FIFOG 2016: Ceremony and awards presentation

The closing ceremony of the 11th FIFOG, whose guest of honour was the famous Algerian writer Ahlam Mosteghanemi, took place yesterday, Saturday April 16th, evening at the Maison des Arts Grütli in Geneva. Laëtitia Eïdo hosted the ceremony and the awards were presented to winners prior to the screening of Tunisian Spring by Raja Amari.

TURKEY, MOROCCO, ALGERIA AND LEBANON AMONG THE WINNERS OF 2016On this occasion, jury members of all competitions have revealed the winners’ names after a week of expectations. Finally, several films from Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, France, Syria, Mauretania, Switzerland and Lebanon were rewarded.The award ceremony was followed by the screening of Tunisian Spring by Raja Amari. Afterwards, the public was fortunate to enjoy a delicious couscous to finish off the festival.

STILL MORE SUCCESSFUL. AND FIFOG IS NOT OVER YET …The 11th edition has once again harvested a lot of public and media success. Several media from Switzerland, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt have covered the festival. Even though it’s too early to tell, the number of entries is expected to be significant.The festival continues, as several events are planned on Sunday April 17th and the weeks to come. The screenings to come will take place in Grütli (La Vache by Mohammed Hamidi and several other features and short films), at Moulin à Danse (Sunday 17th April) at the 99, at the Ariana Museum, Fonction:cinéma and at the Centre of Asylum Seekers of Presinge.

THE ODE TO FREEDOMThis week one hundred and twenty-six movies from more than 30 countries by more than a hundred speakers from East and West raised debates and reflections about Freedom. A focus on the cinema of Levant countries, entitled “Cham in all its states”, gave the floor to filmmakers who work in difficult conditions. This way, the festival was able to raise fruitful debates, especially after the screenings about Salafism and ISIS.

Palmares of 11th edition
PALMARES FEATURES OFFICIAL COMPETITONThe Features Jury is composed of Mr Said Ould Khalifa, Ms Zoubida Akif, Ms Dominique Frot, Mr Salah Sermini and Ms Nastassja Tanner awarded the following movies:■ GOLDEN FIFOG : Sivas, Kaan Müjdeci (Turkey)SILVER FIFOG : Very big shot, Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya (Lebanon)“We wanted to reward the idea, the subject, the humour; it was something that drives our views.”■ The special mention: Maintenant ils peuvent venir, Salem Brahimi (Algeria, France)

PALMARES FEATURES CRITIC AWARDThe Features Jury is composed of Ms Reem Azmy, Ms Faïrouz Khairy and Mr Mohammed Allal awarded the following movies:

GOLDEN FIFOG : Karyan Bollywood, Yassine Fennane (Morocco)“We wanted to reward this film, because its scenario is very original. It’s very well directed, the actors are very accurate. This film is endowed with great sensibility.”

PALMARES SHORT FILMS OFFICIAL COMPETITIONThe Short Films Jury is composed of Ms Djamila Amzal, Mr Antonin Dedet and Ms Maria Nicollier and it has awarded the following movies:

GOLDEN FIFOG : Terremère, Aliou Sow (France)“With this award, we would like to reward the originality of scenario and its universal resonance.”

SILVER FIFOG : Un Métier bien, Farid Bentoumi (France)“With this award, we would like to reward the director’s humorous approach to the current and topic. The jury also rewards the acting of the actors. The jury thanks FIFOG for this high quality and moving selection.”

PALMARES SHORT FILMS SWISS MADEThe Short Films Jury is composed of Ms Mebrouka Hadjadj, Mr Nicolas Khabbaz and Mr Bruno Quiblier and it has awarded the following movies:

GOLDEN FIFOG : Babor Casanova, Karim Sayad (Switzerland, Algeria)“We wanted to reward this film, in total unanimity, because it talks about freedom in a cinematographic language, which blends together, rightfully, fiction and documentary.”

The special mention: L’Offre, Moïra Pitteloud (Switzerland)


GOLDEN FIFOG : Tunisie 2045, Ted Hardy-Carnac (France)“With this prize we would like to reward the simplicity of the scenery and the accurate interpretation in the service of a short-film, depicting an eventual future, that, by reversing the current situation (the African country of immigration and the European of emigration), it manages to expose empathy of each and every asylum seeker on the spectator.”]

The special mention: Dont shoot me Mr Taliban, Benjamins Martin (Germany)


GOLDEN FIFOG : Roznama, Nadine Tahsin Bek (Syria)“With this award, we would like to reward the role of actors for the way they expressed their emotions, its well-constructed scenario, its power and symbolic suggestion as well as the authencity of the choice of his theme. Specifically, the particular treatment the ravages received during the Syrian War”

The special mention : I am Sami, Kae Bahar (Irak, Grande-Bretagne)


GOLDEN FIFOG : Closed doors, Amr Fouad (Egypte)“A movie which questions freedom: freedom to love whomever we want, including people of the same sex. In this movie, the well-chosen protagonists cannot love each other but behind the closed door. We appreciated the soundtrack as well.”

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