Oujda: Biographie Mehdi Ben Barka/Oujda:: Oujda Portail

ع. بلبشير5 ديسمبر 2009آخر تحديث : منذ 11 سنة
Oujda: Biographie Mehdi Ben Barka/Oujda:: Oujda Portail
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Oujda::Mehdi Ben Barka was born in 1920 in Rabat. Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, he is from the first generation of the national movement, was arrested following the signing of claiming independence document,  in January 11, 1944.
In 1951 he was exiled within the leaders of the movement to the  market palace area and the Aimlcil and detained in Ogbalo Nkerdos.

Mehdi Ben Barka was a political activist and jurist in the forefront of national and international prestige to advocate for Third World peoples and liberation movements in three continents.

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